ROI started in 1992, thereby being the pioneer of the Estonian promotional gifts market. The long operating period has given to us detailed experiences in creating advertising solutions and we have completed successfully more than 100 000 successful projects.

Exactly the long-term experiences and profound knowledge are what highlight ROI in the field of promotional gifts. We are offering to customers always the best products and solutions.


Showroom and production facilities

We have created for our customers a large showroom where it is possible to familiarize oneself with almost 3000 different product samples. The aim of the hall is to give a maximum overview of our offered products and solutions and to advise a customer in finding the best product. Come and familiarize yourself with our exhibits at the address Madara 14, Tallinn and you will find certainly the most suitable solution for you!

At the same address is located also our warehouse where we can storage the customer`s goods, if needed. The warehouse manager takes care of storaged items.

Product selection

The ROI product selection is very wide. There are available products for promotion, but also more expensive business gifts. The aim of products made for marketing prupose is to reach as many people as possible, introducing specific brand with the aid of logo or writing. More expensive business gifts transfer emotional message. Among the products offered by us is also all kinds of advert textile – T-shirts, polo shirts, pullovers, jackets, hats etc.

We are offering also special solutions that arrive directly from the factory. If a customer has a clear vision of the desirable product, we are able to realize that!

Indoor production

We are the pioneer in Estonia by offering also the indoor printing works. We have namely a spacious production area (300 m2) where we make tampo printing, silk-screen printing, press printing and stickers. We do also engraving and embroidery works on the spot.

As the production takes place on our own production area mostly, it is possible to make the odered works quickly. We operate always quickly and offer to our customers the products of best quality.

Global reach

We established in 2010 with 53 leading advertisement gift enterprises a global joint venture IGC Promotions, the head office of what is located in Netherlands, Rotterdam. The enterprise collaborates with the best factories over the world and thanks to that we are able to offer to customers interesting and high-grade gift solutions, ensuring also a smooth supply chain.

We share through the global joint venture with other companies useful information about products, campaigns and procurers. Thus, we are always up to date on important information that would benefit customers most. Read more from here: www.igcpromotions.com