Do you have also the product samples?

In our large showroom in the Madara Street exist over 2000 different samples. We invite to visit the showroom boldly to get a better overview of offered products and to find for you just the right one.


Is it possible to borrow product samples?

Absolutely! We know that sometimes it is necessary to take along exhibits in order to show them to the whole team. Therefore, we have created a system thanks to what is possible to borrow exhibits for up to 10 days.


How long is the supply time of ROI products?

The supply time depends on how far the products come from. If the design is approved, the advertisement gifts in our warehouse will be made in a week in general.  By ordering from the European central warehouse the supply time is 2-3 weeks. However, really special products must be ordered from the factory as a special solution and then the waiting time depends on the product and the transport mean.


What are my possibilities, if I need the products very quickly?

We have our own warehouse where are always smaller and bigger advertisement gifts that save in such situations. Thanks to the indoor production we are able to be very operative and act quickly. Contact some of our project managers boldly and forward them your wish.


How quickly do you make price offers?

The practice shows that in case of standard requests we will make the price offer in 24 hours. However, the more complex solutions need negotiations with customers and specifying questions, that´s why in their case the making of price offer can take up to a week.


Do you offer transport for the delivery of goods?

Certainly! If you order from ROI for more than 500 Euros, then we will deliver to you the goods within Tallinn completely free of charge.